CertRise is here to stay

We work hard to get things DONE, bring value and benefit to both Community & Partners.

$CERT community enjoys a 6% BNB rewards passive income, as the volume picks up those 6% will be amazing passive income.


Our lottery NFTs, Rewarding NFTs, Partners all will be directly connected to $CERT transactions. All transactions on $CERT will result with more BNB rewards for holders.


Weekly based lottery system, automated with no limits worldwide is our goal, building fun and engaging community with passion to safe and secured lottery.


All our development and products will be targeted towards generating more and more transactions on $CERT, this means one thing, HOLD and ENJOY


Certified launch by CertRise team will give you the badge of safe and rug free, as team is doxxed and already known with multiple launches, secure and safe certification will bring more investors to your launch.


Our development team consists of professional developers in multiple domains, developing DApps, Contracts, NFTs, ART and web applications, we cover it all and requirements professionally gets done.


Our knowledge in development and marketing combined with multiple launches gives us the advantage, FAST & SECURE.


We have developed many contract for our partners, including reflections and rewards contracts, buyback features, ani-dump/anti-whale features and many more, all those features will be supported.


CERT Utilities

Unique utilities of CERT, first of its kind "launch as a service", lottery and DApps.


Lottery NFTs
Unique Art and other domains, with $CERT reflections.

Our first release will be the lottery NFTs, 100% of the revenue will be given back to winners and holders.

More NFTs will be launched alongside other domain including ART, all reflecting $CERT to holders.

$CERT reflections will be bought on minting, will have a massive impact on CERT chart.

product images

Certify & Manage Safe Projects Launch.
Both TOKEN and NFT domains

Help both investor and developers to launch safe and secured launch.

Partnerships will be based on $CERT burns or reflections by client.

product images

DApps Development

Marketplace with cross chain support for minting and trading NFTS.

OTC Trading platform for both Tokens and NFTs, all on the chain.

More DApps development for the CERT ecosystem.


November, 2021LAUNCH

Website & Socials

Community Build

Contract Launch


February, 2022GROWTH

Upgraded Website

Community Growth

Lottery NFT


April, 2022EXPANSION


NFT Collections

Launch Partnership


Cert DApps

Automated Lottery NFTs

OTC platform KENNEL

About Us

Our team consists of the founders, marketing team, a leading developer and most importantly you, the community. Certrise was born from the love of crypto coins and hatred towards scam projects bringing shade to not just the whole bsc coin community but cryptocurrency as a whole.

  • Our priority will be the safety, security and success of our community.
  • Certrise is a 100% fair launched community driven coin with utility.
  • Certrise is here to stay and our plans are for long term development of our ecosystem.
Total Supply

1 Trillion with 50% burned at launch

6% BNB rewards, 6% Marketing, 2% Liquidity

Token Distribution

Certrise is a 100% fair launched community driven coin with utility.

Presale of 200 BNB will be set for public prior to token launch – which equate to 20% of total supply. Liquidity pool will have 17% of the total supply and 13% will be set to airdrop to dut owners. The remaining 50% of the total supply will send to burn-address.

Burn: 50%
Pre-sale: 20%
Liquidity: 17%
Airdrop: 13%

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